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What’s the JTTF? Click the link to find out.


The JTTF story, is one relates to the threat of terror in Portland Oregon. I was one of those people who had the attitude that terror was never something that would happen here because it happens other places. As many may recall, in late November of 2010 there was an attempted terrorist bombing in the heart of our dear city and the holiday tree lighting ceremony (for those of you who need a refresher). Oregon live covered it in their blog as well as in traditional reports:




Many other news sources covered the story like: http://www.portlandonline.com/mayor/?a=346719&c=52750




and many more. All of these articles try and be objective about the reports. Many report the same facts some focusing more on certain aspects then others (like the history of the JTTF or the future of it).

The comments by users on the Debates Captures Portland’s Idiosyncratic Attitude seemed to be a breeding ground for anti-Portland soap boxes. Many comments seemed to paint Portland in an anti-Patriotic light. For an example of a mild comment: RalphCramden posted “Portland should stay out of the JTTF. The rest of the nation would suffer if Portland got involved,” (Katu News). However, seem to offer good information. Such as this video of the event on Youtube which is linked in one comment from the Oregon Live blog post: http://www.youtube.com/user/zebra334#p/u/3/vIOS3WlvJjE

Another good youtube recording of the event offers a look at the protest that the traditional sources do not cover.


This shows how security and the representatives react when protestors try and deliver the petition. The security guard would only allow 5 individuals into the “empty City Hall.” The video is actually very interesting to watch. I suggest it. It really does enhance a person’s understanding of the JTTF debate by highlighting the opposition when many articles highlight the benefits the Mayor is hoping to achieve by reworking the contract. Before looking at the new forms of media I didn’t even know what the downsides could be.


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