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“Magic Knight Rayearth” is a series of manga from Clamp. “Magic Knight Rayearth” is a series of six manga, also known as Japanese comic books, that follows three girls from Japan as they are sucked into another universe in desperate need of saving. The world, Cephiro, is supported by one person’s existence. This person sacrifices everything to better the world and keep it prosperous. In an ideological sense this is very much a utilitarian approach to things. Utilitarianism is the concept that there should be “the greatest good for the greatest number” no matter what the cost.

The heroines also must work together in order to gain strength and be successful guardians of Cephiro. Along with the help from close friends they meet they are able to eventually save the world and renew it. The fact that Hikaru, Fuu, and Umi have to work together reflects a socialist ideology. Socialist ideology is that the society is only as good as the amount each individual put into it.

Another important aspect of “Magic Knight Rayearth” is that women are the people with power. The “pillar” (who holds the world together) of the world Cephiro is a woman (Princess Emeraude and eventually Hikaru), the knights are all women, and even the one who makes the knights’ weapons is a woman. Men play supporting roles like teaching them magic, protecting them before they master their power, and helping them believe in themselves. Women dominate not only the world of “Magic Knight Rayearth” but also in many other Clamp series.


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